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Know Your Right To A Fair Bail Bond Price

Here’s What You Need To Know Right Now.

Rates for bail bonds are fixed in the State of California and ALL bail agents must charge the rates filed with the California State Department of Insurance. The standard rate for bail bonds in California is 10 percent. We do offer clients an 8 percent rate, which is the lowest approved rate in the State of California, but conditions must be met to qualify. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your situation with you and we gladly honor the 8 percent rate, when clients qualify.

Word of Caution
Watch out for bail bond companies with flashy ads like "5% bail bonds, why pay more?" These are common bait and switch tactics used by unethical companies. Any rate offered for less that 10 percent (or 8 percent, under certain conditions), is ILLEGAL and the bail agent will typically later (after the client is in his/her office or with the client at the jail) tell the client that the "5% rate" is only the "down payment" and the remaining "5%" must be repaid later or in payments. Ask yourself," is this the type of company that I want to deal with?"

At Magic Bail Bonds, we only charge legal rates as approved by the Department of Insurance and will never use bait and switch tactics. Additionally, all charges will be disclosed in advance so there will never be any surprises at what you will pay.